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#RallyAtHome The start line is in your room


FIA Rally Star and WRC 9 team up to bring you the #RallyAtHome Challenge! Whatever your favorite platform, purchase the FIA Rally Star DLC and become one of the very first drivers of the new M-Sport Fiesta Rally3! Every two weeks, you can win your spot for the Continental Final.

The largest entry list!

From home, join the community thanks to the WRC 9 game and the FIA Rally Star DLC. You will have to complete an exclusive special stage to win one of the twelve #RallyAtHome Challenges and qualify for the Continental Final.

The classification of each #RallyAtHome Challenge is established by combining the results of all platforms (PC, PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox X/S).

Rules & Conditions

The purchase of the DLC FIA Rally Star allows you to take part in all the twelve #RallyAtHome Challenges.

You are free to use the hardware of your choice (platform, controllers, rig...).

Each Challenge allows for 100 test runs and 5 timed runs. Only the best timed passage is taken into account for the Challenge classification.

If a #RallyAtHome Challenge brings together more than 20,000 participants from all platforms, a second Candidate is then eligible for its Continental Final.

Compliance with all FIA Rally Star sporting regulations is mandatory.

Important Notice

The leaderboard records the fastest time set by a candidate. If the fastest time is found to use the abusive exploit of cutting a corner, this time will not be eligible to win. To record a new time, the candidates new time will need to be faster than the previous.


Get your hands on the FIA Rally Star drivers official equipment thanks to Thrustmaster! For a totally immersive experience, we recommend combining the TS-XW (PC, XBox), T300 or T-GT (PC, Playstation) servo bases with the accessories of the Thrustmaster ecosystem: Rally R383 1:1 replica steering wheel, TSSH progressive handbrake and T-LCM pedals with load cell for ultra-precise control.

FIA Rally Star Playseat®

The Premium rally racing cockpit

Here’s your chance to achieve the most authentic FIA Rally Star experience in the Playseat® Sensation Pro. Developed with input from professional racers, the Sensation Pro is the most accurate racing experience on the market, providing maximum comfort, accuracy, and performance. The Sensation Pro is compatible with almost all steering wheels and pedals on the market.


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